Friday, March 23

Uncle Ro's Severed Finger

You remember that little speeding ticket I got when uncle Ro severed his digit? Well, I started NewJob the very next day so when the summons came in the mail shortly thereafter I composed a sweet and pretty little request to postpone the court date, since taking a day off in the first week of a new job is generally frowned upon.

When the court agreed to the postponement, I took this as a good sign and immediately asked that they postpone it again. And then again, and again, and again until they wouldn't let me postpone it any more without anteing up. Fair enough, it was like 6 months later. So I sent the state of Maryland the $300 and begged for one more chance to defend myself. Their policy was that I could still get one last shot at a court date and attempt to get my money back, so I requested one. 'Cause you know I'll be damned before I let them just take that money when I:
  • wasn't speeding
  • was off on a midnight rescue mission
  • was sandwiched between slow-moving tractor trailers on a single lane road for hours
  • lectured by the document falsifying cophole who pulled me over
  • or at all for that matter!
I just needed to push off the court appearance until I could earn/take a day off in order to get all the way back out there and fight it.

So yeah, they wrote back and said I could have one more chance, and scheduled the final court date for the one day I specifically had asked them not to in my very pleasant final request letter, the Friday I was in Florida being a spinster with a schnook. Which was pretty rude and decidedly not an accident (applies both to my grandmothers name calling and the court date assignment). Much like the mistake of ticketing me in the first place.

So I just said fuck it, and let it go. Not worth any more anxiety. Paid and done. A thing of the past. Right?

Apparently not!

Today I got a letter in the mail from the MVA stating that since I have 5, 6, or 7 points on my license now (*gasp*!) I have to take this two hour Point System Conference (PSC) course sometime over the next month or else i can get my license suspended. Suspended!! The letter goes on to say that if I should fail to take that course sometime over the next month then I will have 15 days to take another useless acronym, the DIP (driver improvement program) before my license gets suspended! Oh, and these courses/conferences? Yeah, not free. And there are exams involved!

Do you believe this shit?!

Next time someone expects me to rescue them and their severed limb, a sliding scale of rescue charges will most definitely apply. And it had better be on a freakin' Saturday afternoon.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Wow. Maryland is nuts.

b said...

ah. I see you fixed you comments here. good stuff.

had something good to say before but you can forget it now =P (i can't remember. heh) good post

Chief Musical Ninja Monkie said...

LMAO!!! Sorry, but that is really funny.

haveyouseenlucky said...

Why they gotta be holdin' a sister down like that?!

Don't they know who you are?! Did you try just sending them back a letter saying, "Do you know who I am?!" Did you try calling them racist? Next time, just mention my name.

That makes me mad actually, and I am being serious. I had to take one of those stupid classes when I was a rebellious teenager. I walked into class and the teacher had matchbox cars glued to his suspenders. He was creepy. I used to get lots of tickets, and I'm pretty sure I got most of them because of the way I looked/dressed. I just got a ticket last week, for the first time in years. My now clean driving record will be in jeopardy next tuesday. I'm rambling.

Fight the power!

mindy said...

i got pulled over once and was told i was speeding when i had actually just pulled out of a parking place and there was NO WAY i could have gotten to that speed. well, you can't argue with a cop.. i had to pay, take defensive driving.. then it turned out that the cop that pulled me over.. a mr. canada (it was over 15 years ago and i still remember his name)(asshole) was named rookie patrolman of the year. duh.