Monday, May 5

May 5th, Sinko De Skato

Last year, on this date, I was tackled by a giggling blonde missle who in one swoop separated me from my record of 30+ years without knowing what the inside of a cast felt like. This year, the local rink has been evacuated due to a chemical spill that put two firefighters in the hospital. I ask you this -- how can I, a mere mortal desk jockey, be expected to escape the atrocities of those eight little wheels if professional fire fighters aren't immune to the wrath of Sinko de Skato?!

Oh and happy birthday, D2.


Scott said...

Uno de enero
dos de febrero
tres de marzo
cuatro de abril

¡cinco de mayo!
seis de junio
siete de julio, ¡SAN FERMÍN!


Scott said...

un pequeña, dos pequeña, tres pequeña margaritas!!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say skating?