Wednesday, May 7

About A Hundred A Day

Plodded into the office just after dawn since my weary legs were flopping around all night in protest of my having them do 2 sets of 15 squats at 210 lbs. That's right, I may not be able to sleep soundly or lose an ounce of weight, but I can squat both of you. At the same time. So there.

Said flopping was also likely due to my being terrified of oversleeping and not making a good impression on my new team, who were scheduled to meet me onsite today for the first time. That's right, three (possibly four) new employees who have successfully lobbied, vied, and clawed their way to the middle in order to sit elbow-to-elbow with yours truly as their manager. I was eager to both meet and scare them.

And lo and behold, first thing this morning, there they were, in the parking lot, eager to greet me as well.

Okay no, those birdbrains are not seriously my new team. I make joke. At least I don't think that's them... not positive because the geese are the only ones that showed up today. And, well, let's face it, based on past experiences, their language skills might just make them overqualified for the position. I am therefore trying my best to enjoy what might be my last idiot-free day for the foreseeable future. And giving serious consideration to moving my car.


Scott said...

i hate geese. dirty foul fowl. we used to have about 30 at my old office that would shit all over the parking lot. every morning it looked like they'd held a dog show next door and 500 pekingese in attendance had all had the turkey curry buffet

zandria said...

I did weighted squats at the gym on Sunday, and my legs were sore all day Mon and Tues! (But I really love the "good sore.") I'm not doing 210 pounds though...more like 150. Good for you! :)

haveyaseenlucky said...

Was your title from that Willy Wonka song?

mineIsay said...

I know that for a brief period of time, maybe a little more than a brief, you actually considered that these may in fact be your new charges. That's a smile-worthy thought :)