Thursday, May 8

Unbelievably Pathetic Fashioninvestment?


Don't all shirts, by definition, provide ultraviolet protection? Isn't it the very nature of nearly every possible conceivable fabric to fortify the epidermis? Short of a mirrored, mesh, wife-beater or tube-top I can't imagine a shirt that wouldn't provide your nips protection from the sun.

Not sure what UPF might stand for but clearly the masterminds at Eddie Bauer marketing are short on ideas regarding how to best separate you from your government subsidy.


dara said...

As someone who has, on occasion, managed to get sunburned through her shirt, I can sort-of see the purpose in this -- although I can't see it so much in a plaid button-down.

honeykbee said...

Seriously, Dara? Through your shirt? You got a sunburn THROUGH your shirt? You're sure that you didn't imbibe then disrobe for a bit at the beach? And it wasn't a mirrored mesh tube top either?

Could it be that someone paler and more prone to pinkus than I exists ?!

carrie m said...

if we could tan through our clothes, i would be tan all damn year long and save myself the anxiety of public bathing suit wearing. dammit.

Scott said...

see.. this is why i'm all about the burqa. if you just cover yourself from head to toe in black can avoid sunburn...and even being identified in public. now if eddie bauer made a burqa, i would think it would look something like: This.

Burnt Couch said...

I've been known to get sunburned through clothes. Under Armour isn't the best 'shade'....but I love it so it's fine by me.

It takes a long ass time in the sun though.

- b

ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ said...

I was wondering how this stuff worked any better than regular clothes.

And I know I don't even know that Scott fella, but he made me laugh out loud and wanna smack him at the same time!