Wednesday, September 5

Secure Your Balls

While my new camera and phone are just busting at the microSD seams with contestants for another round of "What's Wrong With This Photo?"(and not only because we all went to both the State fair and a horse pull over the long weekend, but certainly not despite), for now I'm going to ask your feedback on something a little different. Just when you thought it couldn't get more "different" than this:

So, we're officially all signed up and going to spend the next 8 Saturdays chasing a rubber ball around an indoor field like a bunch of special needs fourth graders. We've secured the locale, we've got the protective gear, we've got the spirit (yeah, yeah), and now all we're lacking is a name.

Here are a few to get you off the ground:

  • Secure Your Balls Rejected
  • Ball it Up Into The Pit of Your Stomach
  • Mention This T Shirt and Get 10% Off Of An Anal Bleaching At Nadine's
  • Ballistic
  • A Kickball Team With A Sushi Problem (or vice versa)
  • Deez Balls

Vote for one of the above and/or write in your own entry. Winner will be printed on many a team t-shirt! Photos to follow.


DaGince said...


dara said...

This one's easy: Ballin' on the Shabbos.

If you try hard enough, there's a Big Lebowski reference for every situation.

naechstehaltestelle said...

"Letting the Balls Breathe"

Oh wait, you wanted a name for a kickball team.

Anonymous said...



Greeny said...

This is a serious situation, which requires serious people .. using less then serious thought. which may or may not cause great rash and irritation.

If your asking me .... theres only 1 name for this fiasco.


Holla Back!

Deatoni said...

How about:

"Air Em Out"
"Kobra Kai"
"Kickin it Old Skool"
"You Just Got Fscked"
"Brass Balls"

Pete said...

We go Balls Deep
Official team of ESPN8 - The Ocho

mineIsay said...

Let's See,

Head's Up?
Hell's Balls
Bonny, Ball Ball!
Bay City Ballers
Ballad of the Balls

Lori said...

Schweddy Balls

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

The Golden Balls. Based on the following:

"Some people are born to lift heavy weights, some are born to juggle golden balls"

naechstehaltestelle said...

I'd like to second the Shweddy Balls name

S. Vincent said...

this sort of creativity happens to be my specialty. You're hindering yourself by trying to force the word "ball" or "kick" into your team name. What you need to do is branch out into the entire world of the perverse pop-culture.

Some Suggestions:
doggystyle all-stars
Dirty Sanchez's
Chico's Bail Bonds
Janet's Nipple Tassles
Bad Newz Kennel Club
Cheese Cutters
Playtex Pounders
Milwaulkee's Best
We <3 Internet Porn!
Paris Hilton's Liver
Sexaholics Annonymous
Your Mom's Favorite Kickball Team
Support Beastiality Legalization
Jesus Loves Us More than U
Help us Baby Jesus!
Pimps Up, Hoe's Down

jeremy said...

How about:

The ballsiest ballers to ever ball.
big beautiful balls (triple threat).
better than beckham
kickers with a ball problem
habit kickers

or finally:


for the sound it makes when it gets kicked.

Debbie Downer said...

Got MOCO Balls?

California Rollerz (sushi reference)

I also like: Schweddy Balls

Try2Tri said...

ball jobs, gimme a ball job, we're the ball jobs, we give ball jobs, i kick for ball jobs, will kick for ball jobs, kicking balls, ball kickers, knob jobs

I'm sure I could think of more