Tuesday, August 28

Answers To: "What's Wrong With This Photo" Game and Winner(s) Posted!

Wow! That was some showing. Gotta say I'm more than a little impressed by both the quantity and caliber of your responses to the "What's Wrong With This Photo?" game. At first, I wasn't even sure how to pick a winner from such outstanding responses. So, I decided to thin the herd by eliminating any answers that pertain to two of my least favorite things to see on TV; Micheal Vick and crotch exams (however, ironically, if you had commented on Micheal Vick getting a crotch exam at the stadium, that would have counted for secret double bonus points. So close, so close)!

So the short answer is, you're all winners. There. You can finally get some sleep now.

Here's what really was going on:


1: HA! Joints! Don't you wish! Slacker hippie.

3. Loved your answers for this one, btw.

I fully admit that your answers were much funnier. But my answers are final cause that's just how this works.

Oh and that thing about you all being winners? Yeah, Deatoni is a bigger winner than all of you (his Tetris comment made me laugh out loud in the middle of a meeting where I shouldn't have been checking my emails and where, it turns out, laughter is no laughing matter). Those of us who went to a High School without sports or grading probably don't much care but should put the most competitive amongst you at ease.

Contact me with your mailing address to collect your most awesome (and entirely not related to crotch exams) prize!

I leave you with this:

This dude is not under the employ of The Washington Nationals nor has any affiliation with RFK Stadium.


Try2Tri said...

"Silly Bat-man, Crack is for kids." Oh wait, he's at a baseball game. Plenty of kids. Go DC Nats!

DaGince said...

This contest is a SHAM! I am Outraged by the total lack of commitment and outright disregard to the true meaning of any of these posted photos! I for one will never compete in such a slanted and biased farce of a game again!
Whoopiedooo winners! a

Beakerz said...

Dagince, are you from Canada now? ;)

Deatoni said...

Canadian Ambassador: This is not a-boot diplomacy! This is a-boot dignity! This is a-boot respect! This is a-boot realizing......(Everyone in the room is laughing at them)

zippity dippity!

Scott said...

knock it off, eh?

DaGince said...

In my country comments write you.

JayGreen said...

I am simply shocked that I didnt win!

Now where is my baby oil?

naechstehaltestelle said...

Damn, I was way off on everything. Crack bats. That is awesome.