Tuesday, August 21

What's Wrong With These Photos?

The name of the game pretty much lets loose the doves.

Each of the following 5 photos was taken by yours truly either during or immediately after last weekends Nationals v. Mets game at RFK stadium. Tell me what's wrong with each photo and win a prize!

Ok, the first one will be an easy one. We'll call it a practice "what's wrong with this photo" photo. In case you're having difficulty comprehending the rules of the game, the following is a visual representation of the livingroom floor in its current state. Tell me-- what's wrong in photo #1?

See? I told you that was going to be an easy one. But look out, they're about to get harder!

Here we go:

Photo 2. Photo 2 was taken at the Washington National's v. NY Mets game, Saturday night, while seated in our assigned seats. What's wrong with this photo?

Photo 3, below, was also taken at the ballgame (like, duh). What's wrong with the following photo?

Again taken at the National's game over the weekend, please tell me what you think is wrong with the following photo, #4:

Captured on the metro ride home (some crowded orange, some crowded blue, some crowded red line.... then some crowded red line again when we missed our stop the first time), you've got one last chance to earn a prize by telling me what is wrong with photo #5 below?:

Actual prize(s) will be awarded. Ask around -- I really do send stuff. Cool stuff.

Good luck!


naechstehaltestelle said...

Damn I love games. Here I go

#1: Your cat is going to totally lose the "the uncovered parts of the floor are lava" game

#2: That one large piece of confetti to the right will destroy us all!

#3: *shiver* I'm just glad I wasn't in front of that guy, with a full of view of his glory.

#4: Regulation Nationals Dildos are just not popular anymore.

#5: Isn't it called Accenture now??

mineIsay said...

ok, here goes nothing:

1) Umm, there's no floor here!
2) You gave your camera to him, again. Is that cat hair you're documenting?
3) Ew. Ew, Ew, Ew. Was it open crotch day at the stadium? I mean sheesh, air that out at home.
4)Is he selling umbrellas? Billy Clubs? Are you implying that the angry looking black youth should not be selling billy clubs at the stadium?
5) That woman bought a billy club and stuck it straight up her hoohoo. Who sits up that straight?

MAD MAC said...

1. Cat and extension cords bad mix
2. Flying joints Damn I can’t catch one
3. Met Fans All suck, I can smell that guy’s flatulence all the way down here
4. Michael Vick’s new day job?
5. The female version of The Blond Frankenstein

dara said...

1. The cat looks like he's trapped on an island of pergo, scared to touch the uncovered flooring surface.
2. Is the confetti really coming from the clouds?
3. When did they start performing gynecological exams on men at baseball games?
4. One would think that a merchandise vendor at a Nationals game would be wearing a Nationals cap.
5. I didn't know robots went to baseball games.

Pete said...

1. You posted a picture of a cat on the internet without a grammatically incorrect caption, such as: "Where iz mai parkai tylez?"

2. It's never a good idea to go to "celebrate home runs by showering fans with shredded cheese day"

3. You didn't photoshop the photo to make it appear that the man with the red shirt at the top right was fellating the large man in the foreground.

4. Michael Vick is practicing for his new career.

5. There is clearly a ghost in the top right corner and Jennifer Love Hewitt and her twin talents are nowhere to be seen.

Deatoni said...

Oh oh me me!
1. Jake totally dropped the tetris ball and put the long piece of empty tile into the wrong empty floor slot.
2. Thats not confetti, those are the ballplayer's tobacco spittakes.
3. The crowd is whiter than that guy's pasty (but well shaved!)legs?
4. Michael Vick's new...DOH!
5. Anderson Consulting employees travel on the broken backs of poor people, not on trains.

mineIsay said...

Wait... wait.. is that a plastic bag on someone's head in picture #4?

Eric said...

1. Someone put parquet over your classy plywood floor

2. It's raining cat hair.

3. That's actually seat in front of you sir, not a ball rest.

4. That guys stealing all the souviner minibats. J/K.

5. What's that guy from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy doing in DC?

Scott said...

1) Jake is not being fed...big problem
2) OMG! Someone replaced the t-shirt bazooka with joints. Yippee!
3) He looks like he's preparing to skooch to the edge of the table, but where is his paper gown?
4) That hat went out of style in 1992 and even Dwayne Wayne thought it looked whack
5)Mary Cheney rides public transportation?

DaGince said...

1. Parque flooring? Is it 1973? No Disco Ball in that Room?

2. Even using the fastest shutter speed you just missed Good Year Blimp?

3.Pantomiming a gun while wearing a live strong bracelet are polar opposites.

4.He failed to snap his "remember" rubber band this morning, and forgot to quit his wonderful job.

5.The elbow of this alien, has blown "her" cover, thus proving anti gravity exists.

PurgedHalo said...

#1 - You obviously came home too early, Jakie didn't get a chance to rip up the rest of the floor.

#2 - Too many f-ing bugs.

#3 - It's cute when cats do that. It isn't cute when truckers do that.

#4 - I don't think selling nunchucks is appropriate at sporting events.

#5 - There's nothing wrong with transvestites.

PurgedHalo said...

Actually, #3 would make a great lolcat post: Invisible stirrups!

HaveYouSeenLucky said...

1)Tiles are missing
2)White worms are flying in the air
3)The number nine is backwards
4)They stopped selling nun-chucks at nationals games last year after that one incident
5)The button lapel is sticking out like in a popped collar, yet her collar is un-popped.

Debbie Downer said...

1) Patchy flooring is all the rage this season
2)Did they release the confetti early or not win then game?
3)It IS a ball game
4)He looks happy to be there

NoodleP said...

1>Jake is pissed because the holes in the floor look like the abyss

2>Since when to plankton live in the air in DC?

3> Excuse me, but your left testicle just dropped out to say "Hi" -OR- FLY BALL, RIGHT HERE! Come on Batter!

4> Marion Barry FINALLY got rasta joints leaglized for ball games - SWEET!

5> I have strong arm muscles from all of the hand jobs I had to give to get this shirt.

Scott said...

#4: FlaVA-FLAAAAAV!!! ;-)

Beakerz said...

1. "uh....mooommm?"

1. i see the hot tub is being installed ;)

2. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

2. The game was so boring, the stadium invited Marion Barry to entertain the folks.

3. They need air!

4. A black man showed up for work?

4. He's selling mini-bats from other teams?

4. He's wearing his Sunday school clothes

5. You'd like to Think it's a woman, but that's a Man Baby

5. She has a bigger wang than me