Thursday, September 6

I've Got Your Sign Right Here, Buddy

Sometimes the best thing to do before sending a reply email (especially to a Visio "network diagram" without any connecting lines AT ALL) is to take a series of deep breaths and a little zone out break. What perfect timing to receive a bonus freebie email from Ticketmaster! That's right, Ticketmaster; the same evil empire that has been sucking greenbacks from our pockets since we were old enough to sneak out to a Martika concert, now wants to give me something in return. Finally! All those years of begrudgingly kowtowing to their ticket hostage holding demands is about to pay off!

Guess what I got in return for decades worth of $15 handling fees and service charges on $18 tickets?! If you guessed "a free ticket to see Tesla in Times Square" then you'd be absolutely wrong! It was a free standing room only ticket to see Tesla in Times Square!

I'm pretty sure that even in the 80's high-hair hey day I wouldn't have braved the humidity and potential grounding on a weekday, but it's always flattering to get a little "thank you" from the big, bloodletting corporations. Like when Starbucks sent me a Low Stars CD as a thank you for years of daily patronage? Now that's just good business.

Possibly the best part of the whole transaction is that I not only forwarded the Ticketbastardmaster thank you offer to some friends in NY (not to mention, I linked to it in the title for all you lucky ducks who are willing to shell out $1.50 in service charges to see a free show -- enter code SIGNS into special offers box), but when I proceeded to enjoy my zone out break by filing in the ticket request form, I got the most apropos word verification since Scott's blog demanded I submit the letters "drgQwe3n".


Anonymous said...

It's unclear about what your gripe is here. Ticketmaster? Scott?

S. Vincent said...

I think standing room only means in front of the urinal at Madam Tuseau's Wax Museum which is where Tesla does most of their gigs these days.

HaveYouSeenLucky said...


Scott said...

dude. tesla?