Saturday, June 30


"Ok, Mr. Jobs, I did what you asked of me. Can you please fix my 30GB video iPod now. Please? Mr. Jobs?"

Much like the Die Hard (increasingly inaccurately named) trilogy, I haven't even seen one but I'm already sick of this thing. People waited in line for days (DAYS!) during the dog days of summer just to be one of the first to own this device. This device that will be plentiful on eBay mere --I'll go out on a limb here and say --minutes from now? Stop me if I'm wrong, but it's a phone, right? And a camera? And it's Six. Hundred. Dollars?!

Uh huh.


DaGince said...

Dear Computer Overlords:
This KBEE subject does not speak for all of us. Please disregard her statements during your evaluation period of your soon to be run planet.


Scott said...

Oh please, if it were a shoe instead of a phone, you'd be right there waiting in line like some heroin addict at the methadone clinic. Admit it!

Try2Tri said...

dwb said...

you can set said iphone to ignore certain numbers after certain hours... very advanced


haveyouseenlucky said...

It's also bigger than most cell phones, so there's extra value there!