Friday, June 29

I Hear The New iPhone Has Battery Door Issues, Too

I've been pretty busy this week working really hard and tackling some core life goals partying like a rockstar. Amongst other things, I've learned that sleep deprivation is not good for the blogging soul.

I also got into a mad pissing match with The Powers That Be on the condo board this week, but I'll tell you about that later. I'm in no mood.

For now, it is with great sadness that I am compelled to report the passing of my Pentax Optio s4 digital camera. A tried and true friend from beginning to end; a real trouper that has survived a good deal of harsh travel and somewhere in the range of 450 bag switches over the past 4 years. While if not for the faulty design of the battery door, I know in my heart that good ol' PO4 would have gone on for another 50,000 spectacular photos... it is currently merely a paperweight. And a poor one at that. One of its selling points was that it was so petite, it could fit in an Altoids box; now seemingly a perfect coffin.

Goodbye, old friend. Lucca Brazi sleeps with the curiously strong mints.

I have been without a camera on my person for over a week now and while I'm making great use of my newfound free time (read: watching the scooba for hours on end and feeding it bits of carpet--you wouldn't believe the unbridled glee) that was otherwise spent offloading photos, charging batteries, and making other endless photoshop adjustments, I find this cameraless status to be quite troubling. Why, just this morning I walked passed a series of wooden stakes in the ground marking where the "Fiver optic" cable in the new building across the street is to reside and had no means of blogging it! FIVER OPTIC! I mean that's comedic gold. Wasted.

So, tell me about your camera... Love it? Hate it? Will it fit in your back pocket and not (audibly) complain when you crush and/or drop it? Cause, you know I tend to crush and drop things...


Beakerz said...

Gold Jerry, Gold

and nice flames. The artist is simply amazing! Somebody should hire that person. ;)

Scott said...

Sorry about your camera. I crushed my 1.5 year old Elph last May and kind of miss it. However, my new, kick-ass Panasonic w/ 12x optical zoom takes STUNNING pictures. However, it won't fit in your pocket (which was partially to blame for the demise of the above-mentioned Elph). New Cam

naechstehaltestelle said...

I have a Canon Powershot A85, and I recommend it for the colors and the ease of use, but unfortunately, if you drop it, it's all over. Mine's currently being held together by a piece of tape and a lot of love. I actually have to squeeze it before it'll take a picture.

haveyouseenlucky said...

This one is cheaper and cuter

honeykbee said...

Oh now that's just super cute. Does Quaker make an Elph?