Friday, January 5

Happy Is So 2005

My new years' bout with depression seems to have arrived like 100,000 tiny flecks of sarcastic and self-deprecating slits of paper littering life's asphalt.
  • Days consist of jaunts to the gym separated by twelve hours, showers, and frustratingly scouring Home Depot for signs of life. Ditto for the office.
  • The bottleneck in my unpacking process is not so much the anticipated lack of organization coupled with equally anticipated lack of enthusiasm, but moreso the fact that without a kitchen proper or a livingroom proper, one can only unpack so much before one has no place left onto which to unpack.
    • Therefore one is left with not only a room completely full of homeless boxes, but a room full of homeless boxes covered in drywall dust.
      • Boxes whose contents, it occurs to me now, were packed so haphazardly that they too are also likely covered in drywall dust.
        • Not to mention lungs covered in drywall dust.
          • At which point one is left to seriously reconsider quitting smoking in the first place.
  • With all the moving madness it was only a matter of time before something, pardon the pun, bit the dust. First to go? My iPod headphones (which may or may not have been permanently tinted pink). Left (read: lost) them at the gym the other day and now must workout only to the rhythmic crunchy beats of my knee cartilage.
  • Until the dust (literally) settles in the condo, I'll be forced to visit my former residence daily to feed my kitty and scoop said kitty's poop.
    • Has it occurred to me that performing the former less frequently will subsequently result in a less frequent need for the latter?
        • Yes.



Deatoni said...

To contribute to the "Cheer the Fuck up Condo Owner!" Beelog fund, we'll be donating a pair of free Ipod headphones. Thats right, all crackily goodness of it straight to your door for the cost of shipping only.

Brunch Bird said...

The cat photo is hilarious.

Matt and Aimee said...
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Matt and Aimee said...

from one frustrated renovator to another: when an already small place gets demolished, it does not result in more space, as one would think. it's a law of physics or something. however,when all is done, you will stand satisfied in the middle of the room, take endless photos and post them for no one who really cares but you! enjoy the process & good luck!

dwb said...

happy new year!

Carrie M said...

the first sentence of your entry? genius. (also, kind of funny how i'm not sure if i spelled genius's monday) totally feel you.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like very much fun, that's for sure! I think I'd go crazy with all those boxes sitting around, waiting to be unpacked. I like things nice and orderly -- or at least stuffed in a closet where I can't see it. :)