Tuesday, November 21

Shitfaced in the Workplace

Can I just tell you? I love that my best friend is drunk at work at 3:30pm on a Tuesday.

The same tea-totaler who at one time, not many moons ago, would berate me for intoxication while I cried to her, head in throne, at midnight on a Saturday, is three sheets to the wind mid-workday after an office sponsored Thanksgiving lunch.

She called me a bitch over IM and I swear I could hear the slurred Brooklyn and smell the virtual wine on her breath. I suspect the only Open Source in that office today is a bottle of Boone's.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kbee: keep it up and I'll write a blog about your drunkass
L: glol
L: blob away


Needtsza said...

A bitch? jesus!

But in keeping with the WVU-style.....I solute her!

Deatoni said...

The power of wine also seems to compel her to spell words backwards on whiteboards.

Geez bb, a bitch? Someones an ANGRY drunk.

Anonymous said...

Jeeez... I wanna drink.

"blob away" that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't do to be drunk right now.

Scott said...

heheheh BLOB.. oh ly...you are not going to live that one down

Fiery Nuggets said...

That's bad. But at least she can maintain. On my worst office drunk day I puked in the communal bathroom.