Wednesday, November 22

Bee Thankful. Or at Least Bee Distracted.

So, I'm kinda freaking out about traveling today. ACK! Why am I sitting in my office at 3:01p sipping a latte when I was supposed to be at the airport at 1:30p?! -- Dream after dream about not making the flight. Tossing. Turning. Not nearly enough drooling. Didn't sleep much.

Part of me is sure that everything is going to work out just fine, and we'll have 3 extra hours in the airport with nothing to do but argue as always, and another part of me is gnawing the shit out of my cuticles and on the fringes of a full-on anxiety attack. Not sure which one of these two decided that a triple latte would be a good idea, but calm my nerves it did not.

Just thinking-- it's been a hell of a year. Hasn't it? I mean, it's not just me, right? This year has been off the charts crazy. More crazy even than the standard acceptably level of crazy (SALC, patent pending). And it's not even over yet. Far from.

Here are some things for which I am eternally thankful:
  • My friends and family. Their health and incredible generosity regarding, amongst other things, baked goods.
  • Lucrative position amongst good, caring folks (and the hardest part of most days being waking up and getting there).
  • That Meredith has yet to hook up with McSteamy.
  • Lattes. And xanax.
  • Two, count them, two mix CD's from my best friend. (That's how us children of the 80's show love, y'all).
  • The cabinets I wanted were in stock, and therefore half price.
  • Comments from virtual strangers.
  • Diversions such as lists.


Ninja Monkie's Progenitor said...

Fly low and safe. Lookin' forward to your turkey trip tattling. Thankful to have found your blog. -

Rothko said...

I'm the same way before I travel. Nervous wreck. I start making lists a couple of days in advance. And, in general, alcohol consumption tends to go up. Of course, xanax is a nice alternative.

Safe travels! Yesterday was pretty much a zoo at IAD.

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Who is this "progenitor of Ninja Monkies? Dad? Is that you? Aren't you a little old for blogs? LOL!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

That Meredith has yet to hook up with McSteamy.

Word. Although the "yet" in that sentence gives me pause and fills me with dread...

Aileen said...

It's not just you...2006 has been far above SALC! :)

Golightly said...

I'm with you: 2006 was some sort of crazy year all year long! too much drama and craziness.

I'm welcoming 2007 with big open arms! bring it on.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!