Friday, November 10

Guess Who's Back? Back Again

Thanks to meebo, I'm back in business! That's right, people, time to watch your typos and entendre as My Favorite IM's of the Week makes its triumphant return:

WildAnd: hey, now that u have IM back, r u gonna start doing the fav IM's of the week thing again?

Beyer: If I saw people in costume on Nov 4th I’d think what the hell? halloween is over, no? Um, yeah, you missed it people. give up.

SlugLover: and no one should have to sit through Home Alone, Scream 3, and Spaceballs while having a meltdown

D2: What is a condo?

Beyer: "so i was taking a shit, and i sneezed up burgers"

SlugLover: i want every inch of me painted. Tattoo some paint by number lines all around my crotch and other sensitive areas.

Slave2BatYow: this is supposed to be one of life's most stressful experiences. breathe.. and fart

Beyer: smile, goddamnit this is the fun part....picking out where you're gonna shit

WildAnd: the good news is that the football team won Fri and will be going to the playoff's. the bad news is that the football team won Fri and will be going to the playoff's

AydensDad: they are a little higher than normal and can flush like 2 buckets of golf balls

HumV: working in DC now... oh had a baby girl on the 31st. i think her name is Analese.

WainScott: I pulled a Kb. I broke a bone in my foort.


DaGince said...

Rage Rage Rage....I found meebo and put it on my site..10 seconds before I came here to say hello..ONLY TO FIND THAT YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR HAND IN THE COOKIE JAR...anyway...digging on the meebo thing....that we both found independently, at separate times our selves with no help from each other ever...

S said...

love favorite IMs! thanks for the giggles on the most boringest day of work EVER.

Deatoni said...

i need to totally talk to you online more often..i soo have to be on this list..

dwb said...

sigh...didn't make the list...