Friday, November 10

Car 35 Where Are You?

Got a jump on the day (anything pre-noon qualifies as such on my day off) showered, and grabbed my packed bag. I had one foot out the door when B called from school and invited me to lunch, enticing me with sushi. So, I met him on my way out of town. We gobbled down some udon, a heap of sake (the salmon kind, not the liquid kind), and a few california rolls then I dropped him and all his be-whistled gym teacher glory back at his school and hit the road. For the first time all week, it seemed that all was right with the world*. I had my sunglasses on, the windows down, and the most beautiful day of driving ahead of me ...then B called to say that he was sick and leaving school.
(*I should have known better)

By the tone in his voice, I immediately knew exactly what kind of "sick" he meant --it was the kind that was going to require a monsterbox of Benedryl, an epi-pen, and potentially a trip to the hospital. I turned around and raced on home; arriving to find a thanksgiving day parade balloon resembling my boyfriend with his giant red head submerged in porcelin.

Attention ladies and giant balloon gentlemen, your trip to NY has hereby been postponed due to Anaphylaxis, DEFCON 3. Please fasten your seatbelts and hang on tight, as we expect a bumpy yet emotionally resotrative ride.


Hip Swingster said...

Best wishes to B-man.

Lori said...

oh no... :(

Hope you feel better soon Brian!

Hey.. at least he's allergic to something normal.. my kid? She's allergic to freaking toothpaste???

Madame M said...

Yikes! That's awful and dangerous-sounding.

Thanks for your comment from the other day, btw ;o)

dwb said...

total sympathy ploy if you ask me. and thanks for spelling anaphylaxis correctly...hee

Needtsza said...

A. Thank you boo boo. I'm sorry I took away your travel plans, as I know you wanted to see R-Oregon and children....not to mention the Fam.

You did a great job of nursing me back to health.

B. Thank you everyone else (exc. dwb) for your well-wishes.

dwb, and it totally worked didn't it?