Tuesday, November 7

Bite Me, Blogger

Blogger.com has eaten several of my postings of late, and never seems to be functioning at full capacity these days. At least not when I click "submit". Or "submit comment". It can't be just me getting that insidious "Blogger is temporarily undergoing some kind of useless malfunction, an engineer has been alerted and will maybe put down his 2 liter Diet Coke to help you, but probably not" screen, can it?

Below, for your edification, is a complete list of all things less reliable than Blogger.com:


twisted panties said...

The comment problem is killing me. I'm so bad about leaving comments and then when I finally do there is a problem. So I just give up. Sounds like you are having one of those days. Hope it gets better.

Lori said...

ahhhh so sorry for the crap that is blogger. :(

This is why I've just stuck to what I know best..LJ ;)

blogger/myspace/wordpress all can suck my big right toe. None of them are reliable.. none. :(

Lori said...

and what happened to your little chat window. I was looking to stalk you the other day on it.. and noticed it was gone.. pishaw!

Lori said...


Astrid Bonilla


Golightly said...

I've been having massive problems with Blogger as of late as well. Hmph.