Monday, October 23

40 Minutes Late

alternate title:
I Might Have Cared More About Being Cursed by Complete Strangers if I Cared at All

Our nostalgic visit to The University of Maryland at College Park was topped off like so much marshmallow icing by returing to find my windshield decorated by a $75 parking ticket. Ahhh.. It's like I never left!

Besides the heckling and the outrageous rate for short term mortgaging of a parking space, we made an otherwise rarely smooth exit from UMCP campus. B promised to bake me some cupcakes if I bypassed the South Campus Dining hall cupcake excursion. It was only 3pm and were already running 40 minutes late for the third time; if we didn't hit the road immediately we'd miss the hot air balloon festival. Since we had almost no idea how to get there, I agreed to forgo my long-anticipated cupcaking. Reluctantly.

Wah I want my cupcakes wahhhhh!

Ok so we headed up I-66 and B graded papers until we got to Front Royal. At which time he put down his work and concentrated on glaring at each tree and blade of grass with great contempt. Unlike our last trek through this region, we were not pulled over and no lives were ruined. We were, of course, 40 minutes late and missed the balloon launching.

Actual photo taken by B. Not google image.

However, we had a beautiful ride through Virginia. And you know I'm not one to often compliment Virginia.... but the ride was nothing short of gorgeous. Orange, golden, and red trees lined our excursion. The twisty country roads were something out of a car commercial and the sky was full of awesome balloons!

On our way back, we stopped by a pumpkin patch and a winery (each having closed 40 minutes prior to our arrival). D'oh! Which means I still have never really been to a winery and we're still lacking a jack-o-lantern. Oh that pesky to do list of life...

We even found some seriously delicious Italian food in rinkydink Marshall, Va. Who knew!? Eat at Joe's!

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Needtsza said...

wah. she stole my picture. wah.

and i don't remember the 'promise' part, though I did say I would make them.

wah. that was fun. wah :)