Tuesday, August 1

It Didn't Suck!

Not only did I survive my first day of NewJob, but I did so in my very own office! Beneath the warming glow of (count with me now) one... two... three windows! WINDOWS!!

"Warming" is a bit of an understatement, as it was over 103 degrees today, but I now have free parking and an air conditioned office in Bethesda so I DON'T CARE!

*raise the roof*

Do I miss OldJob?
No. No I don't.


dwb said...

Glad to hear you had a great first day. Give me a call to discuss (if my secretary answers, tell her to put you through).

Lori said...

sounds like things are off to a good start!! Yay!

So when's the next poker night.. :)

Needtsza said...

I like the way Lori thinks

Lori said...

:) I was pretty bummed about not being able to make it on friday. So you guys will have to plan another night ASAP!! ;)

K, can you yahoo from work? Or have you not tried that yet since it was just your first day and all?? :)

NoodleP said...

I am very glad it went wel!!! Did you wear the lucky dragon crazy socks?

jali said...

I'm a newbie here. I found your comment waaaay down on an old entry on my page. I'm glad I looked 'cause I read all the recent posts and I'll be bookmarking to read all the rest.

Love your weblog!