Wednesday, August 2

Poo Poo Royale

So there's barely anyone in the office but me (much like when I got here at 8:45, but then I was the ONLY one here) and my boss is gone for the day (he's way cool) so I went for a lunchtime walk-about. It took me all of four minutes to get to the Bethesda Bagelry (my old stomping grounds) and other than my shoe melting to a manhole cover on the way, absolutely nothing bad has happened today. I had a blissful 25 minutes of Stern on my short commute in, a deliciously overstuffed whitefish salad bagel sandwich, and things are looking up. Finally!!

Please note:

After I wrote the above, I was distracted by a call from B before I could hit "Publish Post". He called to tell me that we are being evicted.

EVICTED ! ! ! !

Um, best enjoy that air conditioning while I can...


Needtsza said...

What I find more interesting than the actually "shitting" of the day, is that you believe you did it.

Even more interesting is that you don't believe in God, but "Poo Poo"ing is an accepted 'religion'

Well, I'm gonna poo poo it and say, I'm doing my best to fix this mess.

Scott said...

How the hell did you get evicted??

Chief Ninja Monkie said...