Wednesday, July 5

Yeah But Does it Have a Window?

Okay, here's the scoop. I've got three job offers on the table. Three!! Roll your eyes if you must but I'm petrified of making the wrong decision and ending up in another joboriffic hell hole. I don't know what to do!

All other things being equal (salary, benefits, managerial potential, clearance, and vacation) here are the options:

1. Stay put with Dragon Bitchface.

2. Go to company A who has sent me an offer contingent upon them winning a very impressive (and very local) contract. Contract should be awarded on the 14th (but it's the gov't so it could be then, months from then, or not at all). Had a fantastic interview with company A, and a follow-up interview with a VP that lacked sizzle. I'd be working for a super-cool, laid-back guy and would prolly learn a lot.
Major drawback: CONTINGENT OFFER.

3. Go to company B who has a great reputation, offers every other Friday off (but not fewer hours worked) on a nice, safe, secure and interesting long-term also-impressive contract. Definite potential to learn a lot, get lots of certs. Comapny B would be the longest of the three (non-Bitchface) commutes, but only 30 min or so (in traffic). They also require "professional attire". I despise professional attire. But I looooooove every other Friday's off. Their offer is only good through Friday (July 7th). I may be able to push them a few weeks, but attempting to do so may also kill the offer.

4. Join company C with whom I had a fantastic interview today and where they practically offered me a contingent position on the spot (same contract as A). Company C believes wholeheartedly in my all-time favorite phrase: "working from home". In fact, I already know someone who works there and she works from home 4 days a week so unless she's sabotaging my entire life for a $500 referral bonus (which, Brian says, might be the case!), it's not a myth! Even if I did have to go to the office, it's 1.4 miles from my home, and, apparently their "professional attire" consists of wardrobe malfunctions such as the hoodie that the really cool chick who interviewed me was wearing. Lovin' the hoodie! Lurvin' the "work from home"!... but is it better than every other Friday off!?
Major drawback: CONTINGENT OFFER.

Pencils down, poll awaits you on the right.



Scott said...

1) not an option
2) Accept A: (but try to push the start date to 8/1, since they are waiting for the 14th anyway...and you seemed to have good vibe with boss
3) Decline B: Despite promise of every other friday, you are still doing the same amount of work, but in uncomfortable clothes (and in traffic) . Just think of the pantyhose steamy crotch issues while trying to drive your little Z in a pair of Manolo's. Plus they sound a bit stuffy.
4) Accept C and hope you get in there, but fall back on A if necessary. Who can resist a great company that allows you to work in your slightly worn pjs and bunny slippers.

Joel said...

i guess the poll is closed, eh? i would go with the working from home bit. no matter where y'all might move *clearing throat* downtown *ahem* you get to do things in your PJs....and you get to use your beloved IM..

honeykbee said...

Poll is NOT closed! Just not working accurately. Must be the fever messing with my normally perfectly accurate blogging skills.

Please post your opinions here, or via email. I value them muchly!

Thanks guys (esp scott and joel, thusfar!) you make excellent points.

Deatoni said... seem to be concentrating on commute and corporate culture. What other things could you tell us like?:

- Health benefits
- Overall direction of the company and how long have they been around.
- Who will you be reporting to
- what will your day to day tasks look like
- Current list of projects. What will your projects be immediately
- hows your team look like/how long has your team been around
- Whats the org chart and where is your team located in that org chart.
- are you replacing someone or is this a new position.
- How are bonuses/raises assessed?
- Vacation time and accrual of such.
- Training?
- If you work from home, how is your work assessed or graded for quality?

If all things are being equal, i agree with Scott. 'Specially bout the crotch part.

twisted panties said...

I agree with Scott. Although I lean more towards C. To me it is work from home versus learning more with cool boss.

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

I vote for A. Always opt for the "learning more" option.

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Crap. I meant B. Not sticking Dragon Fuckface. Sorry about that.

NoodleP said...

I would push for one of those contingent offers to become - we will find a place for you offer. I would get the fuck out of dodge for sure though. Who needs that bullshit from supreme bitchy fuck face.

Would like to know about the bene package though - it makes a differance. Have to pay for medical - medical is on the company kind of thing.

Needtsza said...

B. definately B