Friday, July 7

Good Can Really Come From Civil Disobedience!

After getting the equivalent of "written up" by my boss (a new low for moi *bow*) for something that I didn't do, I was forced to attend a series of meetings today. The meetings were completely ineffectual but for the fact that I finally got to speak my mind and told a room full of managers, including DBF herself, how awful she is both as a boss and a human. Immediately thereafter, the primary occupant of my monitor-perched rear view mirror, Phil, beat me to the punch and quit. He just up and stormed out. Which was mildly entertaining only because he's on crutches.

Turns out, it's extremely difficult to hand in your resignation to a woman who is already crying. So, I will be #21 to quit in 24 months, instead of #20 as planned, and I will be doing so on Monday.

I may have chickened out on the final KO punch, but at least I finally got to speak my mind. No holds barred. I really let it all out today. Mouth open, nastiness everywhere. Dug deep and held nothing back. I mean I was going off on her for things that my last boss did. All in a nice, calm, yet hoarse voice. But whatever. So deserved. So nice to exhale.

New Job starts on August 1. B is for Bethesda, and that's good enough for me. Thank you all for your voting and for your support! In the end, I had to go with the bird in hand, and get away from DBF, post haste.

We'll be planning a little combo "life-is-about-to-get-better-a-la-2001" celebration as soon as B hands in his last paper. Pencils ready.

For now, we're off to see The Devil Wears Squeaky Shoes.... I mean, Prada.


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Hey...wait a minute..I was you last boss, right?

kershdo said...

Beaming with pride!!

NoodleP said...

our Bee is all growed up!!! You tell her Sister!

dwb said...

well - at least you never burn bridges. hee hee

MAD MAC said...

How cool is this.. We should have a we quite our Jobs party!!!!! :)

NoodleP said...

Party?!?! Did someone say party?! Can I shake someone's hand and ask them if they are a man kind of party? Or holy shnike's Batman - I see the light at the end of the tunnel I so need a drink party? Or is Everyone is quitting their job and moving on to much coller and furfilling things kind of party?