Thursday, March 16

Sweatpants: T-Minus 26 Hours

I suspect that all this working out is making my once abrasive and surly disposition downright unappealing.

I’m just frickin exhausted and I can’t seem to shake it. Today I actually used the phrase “death sure sounds nice”.

Also, strangely enough, turns out that I have an alarming number of things in common with
Diane Sawyer:

---> "...[After work], I’m never seen out of sweatpants or jeans,"

---> " ... I grow progressively more deranged as the day goes on. I usually end up with paper clips in my hair and things stapled to me and those Post-it things on my shirt. At the end of the day, I am my own personal freak show."

They're all passwords.


DaGince said...

Um, I believe that I already have provided the answer to weight silly silly girl..why wont you listen?

Needtsza said...

dagince -

was it dumping your significant other?
j/k was there, had to take it.

Meanwhile, bear bear...26 hours is moving right along, but the special number 26 days!

WOO HOO!!!!! Viva....Las Gaygus! Let's see a bukkake show!

(I just wanted to say bukkake, as it seems to be my word of the week)

yay! I'm a sicko! a sicko that has one more quiz and then I'm as free as the lips of a friend.
That's right...I went there

Scott said...

HA! :)

olkie said...

i've eaten 50 couissants in 32 hours. how are all of these people so damn skinny.....

Needtsza said...

and when do we see a new post? before or after you sim tonight?

and you ARE simmin' babydoll

honeykbee said...

sim this, liar

Needtsza said...

I only lie in poker and to my parents, my dear.

As you know, I can't lie to you...or is that a lie? =*