Thursday, March 23

It's Good to be Queen

And just like that, it's Thursday again.

If only the next 48 hours would go as fast as the 48 hours after them surely will. And while I'm dreaming, lets toss in that lottery winning we've been talking about, shall we? Sure can't wait for that particular dream to come to fruition... I'd move out of my ghetto neighborhood so fast, all you'd see is a blur... But you'd be pretty sure it was a smiling blur.

We've got a newbie downstairs neighbor who is bitching at us, not because of the noise we make (which would be difficult as we're so rarely home, but at the same time understandable because the apartment walls and floors are made of some paper mache like substance) but because we have the audacity to ask her and her son to stop blasting their music, screaming bloody murder, and slamming doors like they're in prison block G.

Their music is so loud that if we had any studs in the entire place and were able to hang stuff on the walls, the bass from downstairs would surely have thumped said stuff right off the walls. Seriously. It's just jam packed with thumping goodness.
At 9am on Saturdays, it's even less charming.

So she comes up, at 10:13pm last night, with like a bottle rocket up her ass, to tell us that she doesn't appreciate our asking her to turn her music down (LAST weekend) because it was at an "appropriate level" and to alert us to her rage regarding B's knocking on her door this afternoon to see if her son's screaming was due to his being trapped under something heavy or maybe him having fallen into the paper shredder. She used airquotes and said it's {insert air quotes} part of apartment living {end air quotes} . I mean, what is that? What is wrong with people? And most importantly, why must they all come near me?!?

I was hiding in the bathroom, listening in and making fists and scary growly faces in the mirror, as B dealt with her royal bitchyness. Admittedly, at no time of day to I have the patience for such people, but especially not post 10pm. If not for B's tact and way with people, it's completely likely that I'd be in incarcerated by now. All hail Brian; King of Contingency Tact.

Between this and the traffic, strong consideration is being given to moving to an unpopulated island.

Know of one with wireless access?


Needtsza said...

Thank you for the compliment. I didn't blog about it as I wanted to let my blood pressure lower.

But I mean, like I need that crap? She may deal with retards at the hospital but I deal with the "oogy-boogie" English on the daily.

I'd love to switch with her and see who kills themselves first, given I have had to come home to this little bastard kid who blames the noise on the know, the ones that aren't home!

christ. maybe I DO need to blog.

honeykbee said...

Heh. So much for your blog going rage-free.

That lasted, what, under an hour?

Needtsza said...

haven't posted yet, looney! though, I'm working on one that ain't happy happy joy joy, so maybe you're right after all.


Deatoni said...

fa la la la la la lah.

Would you guys consider sound proofing your floors until purchasing your "neighbor proof" house? I did it for my old aparment and it muffled the stereo of my neighbor downstairs pretty well. Didn't stop the "Day After Tomorrow" flood of weed smoke from streaming up the floors...

honeykbee said...

Interesting... how might one go about this, so called, "sound proofing"? (other than with a rifle)

Needtsza said...

maybe that's why our upstairs neighbors are so quiet...they're ripped!
maybe we need to open the vent below a little wider!

dwb (w/t's) said...

I have had many a noisy neighbor in my city life and have done the following not quite so passive agressive things to train them properly, including (1) blast notorious B.I.G as loud as humanly possible with speakers pushed against floor/wall from 7am to 10pm (non summons times) all weekend long. During these times, I have left the apt. True, this means waking up early, but quite satisfying (2) leaning one of those humongous trash bins (20 gallon type) filled with water agains door so when door opens in, water flows in (note, college prank. Likely not suitable for litigous MD environment) (3) dribbled basketball around house to improve my "handle" and of course (4) the good old stink bomb through the door bottom/window/etc.

If any of the aforementioned are met with negativtiy, you are now also armed with the "it's part of apartment living".