Sunday, December 18

Safeway 557, Karen 0

Ah, sweet sleepy Sundays of nothingness. Today was not one.

I managed to spend nearly 2 hours and $100 in the grocery store, yet somehow NOT get ANY complete recipes. "How is that possible?", you might ask. Well, it begins with a carefully planned list of items and recipies largely revolving around the elusive (who knew?) leek. I went to three grocery stores and I could not buy a leek (nor take a leek) to save my life. I was thereby forced to recreate my carefully planned menus on the fly. Bad things happened. Essential ingredients were forgotten. Somehow, in the hysteria, ring dings were purchased.

Then, when I attempted to carry all the grocery bags in at the same time, an uncharacteristically presumptuous jar of spaghetti sauce decided to leap for freedom rather than become part of my lasagne. Therefore, yet another recipe was depleted of an essential item.

As always, the fight for freedom was not pretty:

Not pictured: saucy footprints leading to my front door.

Between the footprints, all the CSI we watch, and B being away at the Skins game (read: trouncing!) all day, there's a good likelihood that my neighbors believe that I finally offed him.


Joel said...

awww, no!! you guys seriously watch CSI?

dwb said...

knowing your neighbors, they would be able to tell you how to get rid of the body...