Friday, December 16

I'm So Sorry, Natalie -- You've Won!

Natalie has guessed (or thoroughly researched) the correct answer to this weeks' Beelog contest! Zonino!

The answer to:
The Average woman does this 5 times a day and the average man...only 3.

What is it?

is indeed, apologize!

Other answers that might have been accepted include:
- Have cause for yelling at an average man
- Strip gears
- Stand in long lines and wish they were dead

No, only kidding. "Apologize" was it.

Alas-- I never did make a rule regarding submitting multiple guesses, though I will probably do so next week. So, for now, take those thinking caps off, store them safely out of reach of the bongwater, kick back, and please proceed to enjoy your weekends! Natalie will surely enjoy hers extra much as she will be cuddling down with this week's prize extraordinaire. Congrats!


Jimmy said...

I highly doubt that statistic is correct, I don't think I average one apology a day, let alone 3! Oh wait, I did apologize for something today. I'm sorry..

Scott said...

That's just cuz women are in the wrong more often than men in an average day. ;-) Men don't have as much to apologize for.

honeykbee said...

I suppose you're going to tell me that ending a sentence with a preposition is now gramatically correct,too?

Scott said...

It is actually acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition. The "rule" about prepositions at the end of a sentence is derived from the teaching that Latin is a perfect language and a better language than English (I wonder why no one speaks latin then). In latin, the preposition must always be followed by nouns. However, English is not a latin-based language; it is Germanic. In German, it is proper to end a sentence in a preposition.

All of that aside, The "rule" is to try to not end a sentence in a preposition, but if correcting this makes the sentence sound unnatural, stuffy, or pretentious, DON'T DO IT!

With that said, you may bite me, Missy.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

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NoodleP said...

Thank you for my tasty snack!