Monday, December 19

Bee Thankful

It was the eve of Thanksgiving and all through WAS' house
cousins were stirring, and tossing footballs about.

The game began early, with a casual flair,
little did they know, a photographer would be there...

Each player seemed ready, and willing, and able.
Here we see evidence that ham wasn't just on the table...

On running! On scampering! On catching those picks!
Just everyone watch out for those darn broken hips.

Considering their combined height of twelve-foot-twelve,
Alvin and Lance sure move that ball well!

And lo and behold, a Thanksgiving wonder!
Captured on film, the actual moment DWB's spirit returns from asunder!

Fourth and long and everyone's wheezing,
Is it just me or is this game like the best part of the season?

A little confused by the encroaching Eukanuba,
Dad gravitates towards Dick's cans of tuna.

A quick-thinking Lance narrowly escapes a fall on his head,
(Which is especially important since he's the only one who knows how to put the baby to bed).

With his jaw hanging open and while saying a prayer,
B catches more flies than fly balls from the air...

Here the stage sets, to bring in the Denver ringer,
while everyone sneaks glances at her ring finger.

She's on it like a hawk, and blows away the rest!
Looks like they grow more than fruit and nuts out West!

The boys piss and moan when they've clearly been beaten,
suddenly there's talk of "what time are we eatin'?"

Amidst all the testosterone wrenching woe,
an arguement breaks out over whether to run or throw.

Wait, that's not a football!

Controlled chaos prevails as they line up once more,
it's laughter and horse play and trash talk, galore.

And just then it happens, almost an omen it seems:
DWB destroys his $300 jeans!


Everyone survived,
no worse for the wear,
(but for a little mud here and there).

And into the kitchen,
they hobbled with delight,
to partake in crustaceans,
larger than life!


Michelle said...

Cute poem, K. Thanksgiving at your house, next year! What a blast! Loves, M

Joel said...

cute :)

Needtsza said...

It was Thanksgiving,
One month ago;
I woulda had these pictures up faster,
But I'm so fucking slow


Anonymous said...

oh, shut up b. excellent work on the poem :) you can see a lof of effort when into this one!

dwb said...

they are AGs for christ sake. and for the record, the ball DID NOT hit the floor.

honeykbee said...

AG? Adjusted Gross?!

dwb said...

scott, please tell her what AGs are....