Sunday, November 13

Weekend Update

We had us a grand ol' time touring B's school, downtown DC with Larry and Judy, and IKEA (I shopped. Brian played with balls. Natch).

Knocked a few more items off the "vacation" to do list and only a few dastardly deeds remain. Those include:
  • Install rubber guards in garage
  • Install RF splitter for Tivo goodness
  • Apply headlight protectors
  • Dismember and/or retrive monies from DWB
Not too shabby, huh?

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow I rejoin the rat race. I hope to keep you posted as I attempt to capture the cheese, but access may be limited.

Any words of wisdom (including alternate routes downtown and homeopatic anxiety remedies) are welcome.



kershdo said...

I will all seem so worth it when that 1st paycheck arrives.

Scott said...

Funny, that closet doesn't look like California.

honeykbee said...

It's Oakland.

Jamie said...

I hope you have a good day today. Let us know how it went. :)