Thursday, November 10

Wah, My Wah Hurts

DWB: one takes the chicken pox vaccine b/c doctor makes one
because blood test shows one never had. one only gets pox
from said vaccine 5% of the time. said one happens to be said 5%.
Culpepper: my nose mower broke
SlaveIsBack: ugh, 6 hours of my head in a fetal pig.
DrEvil: I'm going to start offering people a quarter to leave
Shashe: good luck and L'Chaim. i think i'm gonna get some chinese
and fall asleep on the couch - now come on, could vegas even
Albatross: btw...can you bring me some cheap cigarettes ?  i
have only one pack left...may not make it to Dec....I will
reimburse you...Marlboro Lights (regular or 100' matter)
are YOU still smoking? NOT GOOD
WildNWonderful: It's back.  McD's monopoly is BACK!!!!
DWB: true that. only vaccines have been developed through
years of trials and francine has used years of trials to develop
Bears: go pee in the corner and mark your territory:-)
Oosterhouse: what happened?  did someone take all of the strings
out of your tampons?
Shashe: at least now you know you'll get paid this xmas!
MyCarpet: i am like the republican of the classroom.
Albatross: I was washing dishes and put them to dry on the bag
containing my stash...a long time ago

Oosterhouse: and if you feel teary..think of something that makes
you angry...or laugh..or both. like B.

X: get your ass back to work... what do you think you are? quitting?
Bee: i graduate from this university knowing 500 ways not to do things.
Bears: at Brian's, the motto remains: Fuck ‘em all, Fuck ‘em all.
Copyright 1976.


Needtsza said...

and she quotes herself. "Hi. I'm funny"
now THAT is funny

code: waxgeoso

Jamie said...

Not sure what that's all about lol, but my kids are dealing with vaccine issues too and it sucks!