Thursday, November 17

Things I should have realized earlier:

  • Select external doors to some Agency buildings do not allow re-entry after 6pm.
  • That was not a grey cat scampering accross L'Enfant.
  • Lunch purchased off of a cart, for $1.25, is sketchy at best.
  • My ex is gay
  • Prison is not the only place where your personal correspondence is examined.
  • 38degrees is pretty darn tootin' cold and calls for a jacket.
  • They make the second button in pants for a reason.
  • There are video cameras. Everywhere.


dwb said...

which ex? personally, B is the first boyfriend I haven't thought gay. I mean that josh guy...pah lease

(not that there's anything wrong with it)

Scott said...

yeah, seriously, what's wrong w/ being gay? ain't that right, B?

MG said...

Maybe it was a cat with.....really really bad hair on its tail.

Then again, probably not.


There's lots of tail(s) in L'Enfant Plaza I don't really want to see. (Insert double entendre here.)

Anonymous said...

LOL - It is all part of the conspiracy!

Lori said...

ok.. curious minds want to know..which one is gay..?? but gay as in homosexual, or gay as in a flaming retard, gay? Personally I always thought one of the ex's to be a little on the 'other' side.. but hey.. :)