Wednesday, November 16

First Week Observations

  • One of the drawbacks of a new position is that your desk isn't loaded with staples. Not the swingline variety, more like the "I could really use a plastic fork right about now" variety.
  • Overstuffed tuna sandwich, $3.55. Bottle of water, $1.89. Fresh popcorn cart within pee-break distance, priceless.
  • It is entirely possible, for a sober adult with no known mental incapacities, to get very much lost in a building that is perfectly square.
  • The earlier one leaves the house in the morning, the later one will arrive at the office. If it is raining, consider walking.


dwb said...

cubicle or office?
how many printers are you able to attach to so far?
have you located the plastic dividers?
are you dialing nine to start a phone call from home yet?

MG said...

Holy crappage! How totally uncanny are those last two bullet points, especially the last one.

Needtsza said...

love the priceless. ha! meanwhile, u could lost in your bathroom! ltb

and dwb, if u haven't noticed, no calls go out from home phone. and K, do u even have a phone? ;)

congrats again boo boo

driving? welcome to dc: home of the Va driver EVERYWHERE!!!! iHate them so much. everytime i'm like, "what an asshole" i swear it's a Va driver. its amazing and yet, predictable. hate the Va. hate the gene