Sunday, November 20

Rear View Mirror

First week at the new job was filled with orientation, being mostly ignored by my coworkers and manager, and a whole lot of reading books from cover to cover that were designed explicitly to never be read cover to cover (after getting a bit of a talking to about excessive surfing. Already!). The commute is killer and in the end I'm putting in 14 hour days. It's okay, though, I know these things take time. And I've secured an ice cream vending machine nearby, so... I'll live.

With Saturday (and therefore sleep) on the horizon, I just kept my mantra rolling in my head, "I want a house, I want a house, I want a house". Climbing up the stairs to my apartment at night, beaten and worn, I comfort myself by thinking that my brother probably still has at least 5 more hours at his office.

Saturday was finally here! B snoozed a lot this morning and wound up finally getting us both up around 9. Which was both over 3 hours later than I've been sleeping all week and at least 3 hours earlier than I was planning on getting up. I had a slew of errands to run, so I got an early start. Later, I got an early start on waiting for him to be ready to go to H's party. Even though we hit the road later than planned, I still opted to make a quick detour and hit the outlets in Hagerstown. We were late for the party but, truth be told, the only pants that my fat ass still fits into are being hemmed and held captive by the tailor until Friday, leaving me pantsless for work on Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty sure my wiley charms are failing to thusfar win over my coworkers so showing up pantsless probably wouldn't fly. Anyway, it was more like a visit to the "outlet" as I basically just ran into Kasper, snatched up a dozen or so suits and tried them on in a whirlwind of blacks and greys. Some brown. One purple. The purple didn't pan out (shocking) but I scored some pants, 2 full suits, and a funky new shirt for thereunder. That's a hellalot of clothes for me. The chick behind the counter gave me credit for a 70% off coupon that I didn't have, plus 10% off for providing my email address so I got a pile of quality stuff (unfortunately, all requiring hems) for $200.77! For those of you keeping score, that's the equivalent of 4 weeks of parking downtown and one leg of my sister-in-law's jeans.

In 40 minutes flat, we were back on the road to H's. I was looking forward to seeing them and "old work" folks. B pretty much sat in a room other than where the party was going on, making the occasional belabored conversation, as he seems to do lately at social gatherings (perhaps in preparation for Thanksgiving?) and I kinda laid low too, but only because I had nothing to contribute that could possibly compete with the incredible show I was watching; nudity, tramp stamps, home made booze, mega mullets, Dead Ed Europe '06 t-shirts, and rock hard strap-ons. Trust me, you just really had to be there. No further explanation would do it justice. It's definitely an experience that requires being read cover to cover.

We left kinda early, I suspect because B's darvocet wore off and he could no longer mask his ever deepening state of Grump. He slept on the ride home and I cried. Three shots of backyard Bailey's in me and no one to talk to. I can't remember the last time I felt so alone. It's hard to believe that I already miss those people as much as I do. I had no idea how far under my skin they'd really gotten.

These things take time.


Scott said...

and you didn't get a piece of cake, either. did you? you should burn that whole place down

Anonymous said...

we miss you too! Sounds like a hellish week, and first ones ususally are. Head up keep smiling - your house is out there. Sorry I misse dyou at H's - but the Lippizainers were really a treat that I could not pass up! ok one more piece a philosophical waxing- it is through the darkest of tunnels that you will emerge on the other side in the brightest of light and much better off then when you started your journey. For what you learned in that jourey made you stronger, smarter, harder, and somehow changed.


Anonymous said...

Tramp Stamps, nudity and strap-ons, oh my? Sounds like a hell of a party

EBC3 said...

We miss you as well. Nat is right. Keep your chin up! It will get easier. I have confidence in your. And thank you for coming to the party.

DaGince said...

I’m just going by what I have read thus far, in making my impromptu and on the spot assumption of your character. So I don’t know if advice leading one to the natural station of findings ones nook in the warren of your new working position would help. Which would be to say this: In all harm none...Or...Find out where the least used bathroom is and use it as a hide out.

Needtsza said...

Sorry that life sucks right now. Yes, we all go through it and I wish there was something I could do to help other than sit back and take shit, but until I'm asked otherwise, I'll be taking this position.
BUT...for the record, I sat in the other room, talking music with a few of the other guests, not by myself as your statement would make it seem like I was being a dickhead.
and yes, my darvacet prolly did wearoff, but it was the PAIN that came on strong. Yea. thanks for that.
As for the nudity, etc., I had no interest so sue me if I didn't jump up and down for it, but I was in the room and paid as much attention to it as you.
Sorry I feel asleep. Working all day in the cold, running around while injured, followed by no food, tends to put me to sleep.
You didn't tell me you were crying. For fucks sake, share these things with me so I can help!
You know I'd do just about anything for you.
Whatever. I wish you were happier. Nothing I can do but get the fuck outta the way.
Ed, if you read this, I had a fine time at your party, even if SOME people think I didn't

EBC3 said...

B - I am glad.

Jamie said...

Wow! what a party! ;)