Sunday, November 27

If You Have Any Poo, Sling it Now

Holiday fever is in the air and my internal looping earworm "All by Myself" has been replaced by "We Are Family". I've been making an effort to see the silver lining; happy thoughts tiding me over until payday include:

  • Recently learned several new ways to misspell my name. Both first and last.
  • Smoking considerably less.
  • Quality AND quantity time with my dream car.
  • My new brown suit jacket.
  • Experience and learning and bla bla bla.
  • No crackberry.
  • All the tuna and/or ox tail that I care to lunch upon.
  • Chronic IM induced carpal tunnel nearly entirely cleared up.
  • Keeping well within online spending budget for a change.
  • Free company mug.
  • No spitballs in my bra.
  • Fifty cent cookie sacks at the snack bar.
  • The picture stashed on my desktop at home entitled Ed_Audra.
  • 5 day weekend!
  • My 18 inch paperclip.
  • Orange fizzies.
  • Dickie Roberts and The Program being more than balanced out by Madagascar, Walk the Line, and two Dazed&Confused references on The Family Guy.
  • Baby Wayne.
  • Meeting baby Sydney.
  • New intimidating email address.
  • Get to use white out, for legitimate reasons, for the first time since like 6th grade.


Scott said...

Awesome :)

Ed said...

Ummm...can I get a copy of the Ed_Audra pic? After all, I am Ed. ;)