Sunday, November 27

Better Start Swimming or I'll Sink Like a Stone

The diet starts tomorrow. Really this time. Check out what I have to look forward to (besides finishing off all the cupcakes and halloween candy tonight):

Wtf is "Czarina"? Is that word supposed to pretty-up that mess?!

Jello and peaches. Yeah, this is going to be great.
Here you go, Montecore, you can have my share, too.

Looks like there are going to be some pret-ty angry gefiltes out there.

Sure looks like fancy feast to me.

Um, what on a stick!?


Scott said...

Dear God. Did Brian Cook? Even british food isn't that f'ing ugly. Congealed goo, Frozen Shite, and some Gefilte-Gunge; Lovely.

Needtsza said...

Have no doubt, we're not eating ANY of this shit!
Fish balls? rriigghhttt!

dwb said...

completely disagree - this stuff looks awesome compared to the UK (not enough curry though).

have you tried caffine and cocaine?

Deatoni said...

i'm a bit offended by the fish balls. its my mom's favorite, especially when you deep fry it. BASTARDILDOS!!

Anonymous said...

i like my new diet. i stuck with it for one whole day and then bombed - but there were special circumstances, i swear! i'm back on and my food looks a whole lot better than that :)

Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Is that diet and are those meals for real? I haven't heard of the melon pastry and the cabbage czarina before. That sounds and looks weird.

EBC3 said...

Czarina is russian for Queen.

honeykbee said...

Ah, mystery solved. Thank you, Ed. Now tell me that dish looks deserving of the title??

Lori said...

how old are those recipe cards? Are those from the 70's when jello molds etc were the new fad??