Sunday, October 23

I Would not Bee Convicted by a Jury of my Peers

Slave2unk: your first ever def leppard concert my ass

Oosterhouse: strawberry quick makes poop pink

Albatross: good night and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU :-):-):-)

DWB: eye eye captain - btw, don't put that shit on your face

Shashe: did you know that sarah jessica parker is jewish??

easy, brrezy, beautiful. covergirl.

X: wow! yeah, I think it was Shelly that asked where you were and I told her that you kicked someone's ass

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Jerry will kill me if I work on anything this weekend. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact. He’ll knock me out, cut out the baby, and throw my dead body in the river.

Oh please, they’ve been screwing you for years. And now the party’s over. The relationships gone sour and they aren’t even getting the goodbye bang.

Slave2UNK: because you’re not being a frog anymore.

SweetPea: Must find a boyfriend with a dog. Must find a boyfriend with a dog. Must find a boyfriend with a dog.

DWB: what an awesome day – you’ll never believe it. I found a CSI on my DVR that I have never seen before. Woo hoooo!!

Bears: at, you get the mango salsa


Anonymous said... esoteric Paul Simon lyric. Nice.

-The Chief

honeykbee said...

The word "esoteric" is WAY more esoteric than Paul Simon!

Do they not have a KickAssFolk station on XM?