Thursday, October 20

Coming Out of my Cage and I'm a Doing Just Fine

In case you haven't already heard or otherwise caught on, I quit my job this week. Yessiree, turned in my letter of resignation on Monday. After four years with the same company, and for the most part the same people, a move this big is both exhilirating and ...well, scary.
I have been working with a cast of characters that are beyond irreplacable.
But it's time to go.

Gotta gotta be down because I want it all.

My mom, once again misunderstanding my very nature, asked why I'm not "jumping up and down". Though I hadn't thought it until I said it, I told her it's because I feel like I sold out. She said "'Sold out?' Does that mean 'grown up'"? and I rolled my eyes as I began to explain the depths of yet another colloquialism to her. About how I didn't want to commute downtown with the rest of the racing rats and how my feet were clearly not intended for heels. I was taking the money and running. Running in heels.

It was an hour later, after I had made and put away dinner, that I was washing my face, looked up into the mirror, and realized she was right.


kershdo said...

This is deep, even from you, but don't you just HATE it when Mom's are right?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You will be missed.

-The Chief

Anonymous said...

I think there is a distinction. Selling out is doing something you wouldn't normally do *JUST* for sake of money. Governing yourself, is doing something that makes life a little harder because your current situation isn't healthy. Being paid 50% less than your subordinates in a place where you have to tolerate religious persecution is not healthy. Get a better job, get a picket fence, get a spare room for me, your very unemployed friend.

Scott said...

It was only a kiss...It was only a kiss.

There's a certain satisfaction in being able to make a change like that.

Give it a shot. You might like it. If you don't, then you can always change careers again.

Life's too short to be miserable...or to wonder what if.

Deatoni said...

I disagree. To quote the Ancient philosopher Chris Rock. Life isn't short. Life is loooooong!

Besides, ya'll make selling out sound like a dirty thing. Lemme tell ya, its AWESOME. cha-ching! celll..e-brate good times cmon!

Picture yourself rolling around in your new crib over several small piles of 1 dollar bills. w00t!

Anonymous said...

K - Change is good. You find out what you are made of and you get as new resume building experience. Much luck and happiness!!