Tuesday, October 4

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Possibly one of the only good things that seems to occur in October is my mom's birthday.

It's been a big year for mom. Our family seems to be growing exponentially before her eyes (incuding, but not limited to, the addition of Pogo and Pogo Nano), she became singlehandedly responsible for improved export relations with China (bringing us the first successful September in 7 years), began renting out the driveway to Infiniti to be used as a showroom, she was stung repeatedly and absorbed the venom of many a quilting bee, all the while managing somehow to not snap the necks of those who irritate and/or disrespect her. She is truly a woman to be honored, emulated, and appreciated.

Now, if only we could get her to remain upright for an entire game of paddleball...


Needtsza said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Queen Bee. You ARE one to be treasured! With much love and admiration, I wish you the happiest of birthday wishes.

Michelle said...

Yeay! Happy Birthday, Fran. How was China?

The only good thing in October? *sniffle* *sniffle* It's my birthday, too.