Friday, October 7


A Friday favorite!

UNK: she thought her lasagna tasted like garfield barfed on it (it was fine). we ended up flinging rose petals at each other. i think its a good barometer of a relationship.

Bossman: I suck

Slave2Unk: grrr. don't get cookies for emoting.

Noodle: hey - my box is back... becasue I am goddess

Bio98: ok, gpotta read fir edu

WestByGd: rock stardom such a long way away. she plugs in to practice and no sound! turns out she pluged the cord into the wrong place. whew.

there's always a worse

my grandmother keeps the heat in her room up to 1000!! and it's so humid as if water was gonna straight Drip from the ceiling.

Chenjeh: hey are you not putting on your hose and getting ready for temple??

Bio98: you can tell from "hey bebe" that something is wrong!?

Slave2Terps: Turtles... penises... same thing, right?

Scorpion: What happened to the o?!?

Winonna: except i'm pretty sure they didn't use the word "cocksucker" in 1868


Anonymous said...

i love that i get names that reflect what it is I am bitching about :)

another excellent entry - it's nice that I get to see how my relationship is doing by checking our your blog :)

Deatoni said...

Always a friday favorite. Put up empathetic powers in addition to your list of abilities.

honeykbee said...

Due to popular demand, coming next week: A list of my Many Abilities.