Friday, August 19

Your Name in Bold Blue Lights

"Were tired of picking up the bills for other people's kids. We already pay millions every year for school taxes! Save your breath for blowing up water wings, breeder! I dream of an America with nudity and F words on network t.v. Where the whole world doesn't stop because a school bus did! Children are the future, today belongs to me!
-- Battle cry of Lidnsay Nagel, Founder of SSSCCATAGAPP

And now, everybody's favorite Friday treat... My favorite IM's of the week!

you sensed our asses?

Slave2UNK: my boss just said "You have a sword collection! You're the coolest!"

Vader: the irony--why is he wearing a belt if he is intent on showing the world his pubis?

Slave 2UNK: yeah, then i could be a dumb, socially enept whore

Noodle: yuck!! I hate when I toss my cookies because of virii

Winnona: i should buy mike a case of wd40 and tell him to just keep it laying around

Slave2Fashion: wtf is a sports shirt?

: makes me want to ejaculate a penis

Slave2UNK: i'm off tomorrow. where i will slumber like a princess upon a nasa mattress without a pea.

WhoreCuz: I banged a girl in Nebraska on the way out here. Gg!

Oosterhouse: i'd blow 30,000...and i might even swallow

Slave2UNK: by time he got to "her hole area can't print" he was done-for.

Oosterhouse: so what in B so pissed?

Bears: i have problems. i'm hungry, stinky and lazy

MarnisMaidOHonor: i can't be funny, i have to prepare myself for having fun

Oosterhouse: i wouldn't walk into the cafeteria and grab a pile of plates just so i could make them into frisbies

PrePartumGreenie: i have decided to make you and brian comtemporary virtual helpers to the virtual god parents !

I can’t believe I’ll be a father in one day.
are you getting an epidural?
PrePartumGreenie: hopefully IM getting an oxycotten and 3 volumes
Bee: or... an oxycontin and 3 valiums…?

so are carrots. i've just replaced you with vegetation.

you need to embrace the giggity. just say it repeatedly while thinking of the most perverted thought...then end it with "ALLL RIIIIGHT"


Anonymous said...

these really, really rock. I wish i could get a pattern of these that work. Why are yours so much funier than mine? We talk to the same people! -s2u

Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

"Slave 2UNK: yeah, then i could be a dumb, socially enept whore "

Hey! I resemble that remark!