Friday, August 19

That's Entertainment

Congratulations to Jesus' latest godspell! Way to go, bear!

And now, a real-time photographic montage of how Brian spent the day celebrating the successful completion his religion class.




The motion demonstrated by photos 1-3 was repeated by our fascinating sleeping subject consistantly, without ceasing, for over two hours. Seriously.

I hypothesize that after two hours of this motion, his legs got tired as he then rolled over onto his back and began another REMexercise that lasted approximately another two hours.

Pictures posted with bearmission


Deatoni said...

Though its probably the definitive case of TMI, this is also genius at work. I believe this is how Rome fell.

Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

Hehehe.. Nice! Chinese girls and phentermine...sounds lik the name of a band....

Anonymous said...

crotch shots of brian from all angles. yay! Nice comment, booboo! *funny*

Deloney said...

Your blog is fun and funny. Most blogs really suck and don't we all know it. Good stuff.