Monday, August 22

Adios SFU, Bonjour Gay Ben

The Church of Baseball

Ain't nothin' "North" about "North Carolina", let me tell you. Been here 48 hours and not a bagel to be found. I mean, this place is striving to be rural. Reckon all the peoples are darn nice, though, and that makes for a great time. We met up with B's cousin Miriam and her new husband, had us some solid laughs over several slabs of ribs. We also found some batting cages and smashed the bejesus out of some baseballs. Been hurting ever since. Walkin' around all crumped up and finding a new ache every hour or two. I keep telling myself "age is just a number, age is just a number" but I sho' do get to hurtin' after hittin some baseballs. I've now got mosquito bites in places that I am too sore to reach and/or properly scratch (until bloody). Good thing they gave us a stack of free Ben Gay patches at the Durham Bulls game today. I'm going to go cuddle up with Ben and be gay right now, as a matter of fact... if you're good, I may let you know how that went.

Mosquito bite, DOMS remedies, and thoughts on tonights SFU finale are welcome. Talk amongst yourselves.

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dwb said...

put some windex on it.