Monday, March 14

Take it on Faith, Take it to the Heart

Kicked a FNG out of my once-and-future office today had my first crackdingle bestowed upon me! Way tired for no good reason, having skipped racquetball to bake trout and chocolate chip cookies. El Lincono is back in Le garage. In a supremely generous and characteristically sweet move, Lynn loaned me his car! Super sweet! Oh oh OH! GET THIS! You know that paper that I edited beyond recognition no fewer than 48 quadrillion times? Yeah, no longer a requirement for the cert I'm seeking. Say it with me now... oninoz.
In other oninoz news, Boomie got his whiskers handed to him, most likely by Jake, and is getting 3 applications of antibiotic cream daily. All the boys (and I) are starting to get a little twisted about the concept of my being gone for 16 of the next 21 weeks. 18? 14? The wai-ai-ting is the hardest part.
Spoke to L-Bonus on the phone for what seems like the first time in months (we have now exited the oninoz portion of tonights blathering).

Call to action!

Help bring an "A" to a needy (yet sometimes suggestable) 30-something student by submitting any photos of plane that hit the pentagon! I'm quite serious! Don't fight that urge to Google... go go go!

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Needtsza said...

Congratulations on your Paper, my love!

and "Highly Suggestible". Funny, I feel like I just heard that phrase. ;)