Friday, March 11

Nuttier Than a Squirrels' Cheek in October

Spent the last few days in training for a new contract. My lungs took on a good bit more than my brain did, but I'm ready to take to the friendly skies! Which reminds me, take a gander at the reflection behind Donna and Patty, we had some large-winged visitors vulturing over us today. Huge wingspans (that's him/her atop the spire outside). Probably not the best omen for the contract, but otherwise, all is going well! (Please remind me how genuinely happy I was about this position transfer next month when I'm sobbing onto my keys about all the travel, will ya? Thanks)!

So, have a good weekend. We're supposed to mystery shop Rosa Mexicana tonight, but it's looking more likely that I'm going to suffer through a Wings marathon instead, as Brian has succombed to a post-shower nap and I'm way too lazy to seek the remote.

Oh hey-- Don't forget to call and reserve your spot for this years' rafting trip! It's always the party of the year, and spaces do fill up! (and if you're a newborn, you may want to consider obtaining your own life vest).

Baby Sherman says: "What do you mean I can't go down the New because you don't have any PFDs that fit me?! Have you checked with Andy?!?"


Lori said...

You picked my favorite picture! :):)

And I think we'll be skippin rafting this year. I don't want to subject my child to those inbreed WVA types at such a young age. ;)

Needtsza said...

Funny bear (the link for me)

Cool bird shot. Glad to see our tax dollars hard at work.

I'm going rafting. I want you to go, but I need to. I just love it so much.

Not as much as you but...=*

Scott said...

mmmm nuts ::drool::