Friday, February 18

Things That Make Me Feel Old

  • Realizing that I am exactly twice the age of the punks who schooled us in racquetball
  • My ongoing references to any persons under 25 as "punks"
  • This
  • My oldest friend producing baby #2
  • Having to put forth more and more effort to stay awake past 11:30 on Friday nights
  • Two words: Olay Regenerist
  • Constant emails from AARP


T said...

Only emails from AARP? I keep getting free memberships.. and they send me the freaking monthly AARP.. and you feel old..

Needtsza said...

I've been known to feel old, but I am without the AARP breathing down my neck. Maybe it's just the "batmobile" making the hairs on my neck stand up on my broken and battered body.

:HUGS: babe. "Even the Mona Lisa's falling apart" - Fight Club

EBC3 said...

OMG!! I used to LOVE the Greatest American Hero.