Monday, February 21

Weekend Update

Three day weekends make me long for retirement. Went to J.J.Muldoon's for dinner (mmm.. meat) and some GoldenTee/live band action on Friday, cleaned most of Saturday and Sunday, then dicked around with Jake and Jeff (including some hard-core therapy for the latter, which I can only hope was at least somewhat helpful). Woke up uber-late today, just in time to make our 1pm court time. B only beat me in 2 of our 3 games, which I'd be way more proud of had he not been playing with his left hand. Took a long, hot, shower and now I plan on melting into slumber on the couch. Failing that, I'll be simming.
Sure don't miss all those weddings...

Ain't nothin' wrong wit dat!

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