Tuesday, February 1

Favorite IMs of The Day

Note: Names have been changed to protect the "innocent"
  • Delirious: Astronauts stretch legs, install arm, find goo
  • Symplex: a nice jewish girl...not married...no kids...almost 30...oye!
  • Bears: i know my tits are gone. i can't work out ='(
  • Delirious: lol...wear your spurs ;-)
  • slave2unk: i'm about a gow. yat yee salm say mmm look chut bat gow sup
  • Bears: to smell these coconuts
  • Delirious: nervous breakdown here I come
  • MomBack: Well...I need to think of something special for your big birthday!
    : any great ideas?
    Bee: i have many ideas!
    MomBack:...so do I....
    Bee: lol, liiike?
    MomBack: one of them is black


Scott said...

Hey! I resemble some of those remarks!!1

honeykbee said...

Which ones? The goo? The spurs? Or the nervous breakdown? ;)