Friday, April 27

Why I Hate People: Exhibit 8.2 Million

What ever you're doing right now, just stop. You're done. Just give up. Frankly, I don't know why you bothered to bother in the first place. The odds are that you're doing it totally wrong, whatever it is that you're doing.

I mean, just look around. Look at all these people doing all of these things and damn near none of them are even close to doing even a portion of a portion of anything with any accuracy, grace, or correctness.

And I'm not talking strictly about the driving patterns in the greater metro area but really, what excuse is there for this?:

I mean, really? Really?? Four parking spaces? FOUR? Is this not a hostile act?

Is this not a perfect depiction of the socially intimate commitment to self that plagues us all?

This, this person, makes me want to learn how to rig explosives, give up all efforts to recycle, and throw up my hands to welcome of our new selfish overlords. GodDAMN I hate weddings. I mean --people.


HR Human said...

When I see people parking like that, it makes me want to park right next to them as if it was diagonal parking.

DaGince said...

I agree. You buy the ammo, I'll get the rifle. They'll never catch on.
...oh wait, damn it google!