Monday, December 27

The Saddest Sack

Not many of us sad sacks here at the office today. Just the select few who have, for one reason or another *cough* pregnancy *cough* failed to plan well and/or accumulate the requisite time off in time to flee for the week between Christmas and New Years. The peace and quiet (all but for those damn crickets) allows me time to contemplate, and even to think of others, for a change. Surely each and every person who had to leave their warm beds and fight the wind and snow this morning would rather be elsewhere. Apparent from all the sour pusses around the water-cooler, there must be family or at least a dog or a fish or an episode of Oprah with whom they would prefer to be spending time with at this particular moment. This is clearly quite a bitter day for all around me. More so than usual, even. And so, I was thinking, "you know what this sad and gloomy office needs today? You know what will really pick things up? What we need -- is the pervasive and lingering stench of a thousand burned camel hairs"!
And so it was.

Many thanks to you, Mr. Redenbacker, for getting in there just under the wire, and making me the office's most hated person of 2010.

1 comment:

Burnt Couch said...

closing out the year Strong!! that's my girl

meanwhile, you shoulda taken my X-mas bonus. LOL!!