Sunday, October 17

Beware: Lying Chocolate-esque Snack Food!

"Frown Is A Four Letter Word"

Um, see, no. Here's the thing. No, it's not.

Allow me to demonstrate:
F: one letter
R: second letter
O: third letter
W: fourth letter
N: (and here's where some people may have gotten lost, maybe they were too busy texting "DRUGS R BAD" to their BFF) fifth letter

Dear Mr. Cosby,
Why are you preying on the jello pudding consuming public? Do you not suspect that they already have enough problems? Do you really think that particular population, who spend longer looking for a spoon than considering nutritional value, has a high threshold for entendre? And if frowning is such a "bad word" why don't you go ahead and just include a little spork or something in the lid of the pudding cup so that I don't have to one-handedly wrestle one out of the dishwasher while balancing a baby on my hip and treating him to a performance of my own demonstration of REAL four letter words.
In conclusion, while I can appreciate the sticky-sweet spirit of this campaign, I assure you, no one is confusing "frown" with "fuck".

Reluctant consumer of UR product


Anonymous said...

Four letter words = dirty words.
Sh*t/P*ss/F*ck/D* get the picture.

Pretty deep shit for a container of colored bone marrow and hides.

honeykbee said...

Ohhhh... thooooose kind of four letter words.

So does that mean that "frown" is now a four letter word?

Burnt Couch said...

Hell, JELLO isn't a 4-letter word. What exactly were they trying to get at here?

Then again, Red is a drink flavor so ....