Wednesday, October 7

Good Job, Sears!

Thank you, Sears! You have done a thoroughly awesome job of mucking up our entire lives! And not just because the dirty, rank dishes are piled to the light fixtures, with mere moments to spare before 100 of our closest family and friends come to town, but because I've now officially used more effort and vacation time to get absolutely nowhere with you than ever thought possible! Sears customer service is the embodiment of what is wrong with customer service in America.

I've done the math, check this out: more effort and time has gone into dealing with Sears this month than has gone into dealing with Comcast, and our internet has been down for 5 weeks! Just when I thought no one could care less than Comcast *insert mushroom cloud fantasy*, along comes Sears. Way to go, Sears!! Thank you for restoring my faith in rockbottom! All tolled, the time we have spent waiting for Sears to show up (which they haven't) or on the phone with Sears is longer, including the 10 hours of flight time, than our entire honeymoon.

I no longer have any faith in the "confirmation" call. Originally designed to instill confidence and encourage accurate scheduling, it is now merely a device of destraction. Oh, you "guarantee" that someone will be out tonight? Well, then I'll stop yelling.

Mistake. Big, big mistake, Sears.


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Wow. Just wow.

SAStexan said...

I'd like to see an old-fashioned Olk takedown here.