Wednesday, September 30

Inconsiderate People Should be Shot: Exhibit 11

Seriously, why? Why must you insist on polluting our shared space with your toxic, greasy fumes? How is one supposed to get any procrastinating work done while sitting under an orangey-yellow cloud dripping with fried chicken aura?

Where is that you go every day for an hour (not that I mind, mind you! Please don't misunderstand! Take a 4 hour lunch for all I care!) only to come back with this dastardly abomination to all things gastrointestinal?

Seriously, why, WHY must you make those noises as you dive into the bucket like Mario Lopez in the Greg Louganis story?

Please, please, oh horrible cubemate from the depths of idiot hell, please pull an O'Malley and stop showing up here.

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